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2008-06-09 05:22:50 by SCModder

Hi. :-)

I hope you like my music.


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2008-06-11 17:40:17

I like it!

SCModder responds:

Yay! :D


2008-06-12 13:49:09

Hey dude you are an great artist on Ng ;) that's for sure, but I always notice 1 thing about you and that is that you don't tell much, or give comments etc xD how come? :)
well anyways voted on all your songs an 5/5 hehe <3
keep up the good work and make more please ;)

SCModder responds:

You know unrealdark2, I thought about what you said, and you're right. I don't seem to give out a lot of feedback to my recently expanded userbase.

So I went ahead and took the liberty of responding to almost every comment on my front page song.

Know that I did it all because of you. Never doubt your impact on the world, young one, for today you have seen it.

Also melodramatic cocks.


2009-07-15 23:08:52

dude your musics freakn awsome. how do you make this music cuz i want to start doing techno but i do not know where to begin.


2010-06-12 18:36:39

Yup! nice tracks!


2012-10-21 13:52:22

I came. I listened. I liked.

Sweet tracks dude.