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Reminds me of Tetris Attack for the SNES

and you should get a ROM of it and play through it.

Although I personally wouldn't call this classic rock. :P

XxX-WOLF-XxX responds:

I honestly have the hardest time choosing where to put songs, ha ha. Yes, i will definitely find that rom.
Thanx a bunch!


It sounds pretty nice, repetitive as others had said, but would probably make nice background music, I'm thinking an ice / ice caves stage.

I'm no flash artist though maybe not. :P

Drakkin responds:

:D anything suggesting it would be good in any flash submission makes me smile, lol, thanks :D


In some places you have a lot of dissonance that doesn't really sound too nice, but with a little bit more work I'm sure you can get it sounding great. :)

Envy responds:

Yeah, I know what you mean. At about 42 seconds, that bass needs to be fixed... It sticks out too much and doesnt really follow anything. Thanks for the review XD.


A bit loud but definitely a power piece, especially with the orchestral sound.

preffertobedead responds:

OH!! first reviewer...i can't believe some1 review my "Spy in Troubles" stuff...doesn't seem to like to the most of ppl..but idk..i thought maybe this would be nice for some Flash!..



Nice for a first work, but the whole song is just a little too minor for my tastes.

preffertobedead responds:

K!!...maybe the title of the song is a little tricky..this song gets frantic at the end...but i forget..like Maestro Rage sayed...a sound of an explosion..xD


I hate to be the bad guy but I didn't like this very much, it's kinda hard for me to tell what is what because everything is going at once.

Since everyone else gave you good reviews though I won't vote on the song.

Critical-Collision responds:

Thank You SCModder

We're really sorry you didn't like the piece, it's often hard to please everyone as not everybody as the same tastes. We appreciate your coming to check our page though and feel free to check out some of our other works, you're bound to find something else that suits your taste.



Not bad at all, less presets though

I've been screwing around with FL for a year now and have just decided to upload some of my stuff and make a name for myself. I like this, it isn't that bad at all, it would make a very nice loop.

But like what everyone else said, getting your own sounds is what makes you different. I always hate it when I'm listening to some song by a more well known artist, whatever genre, and I hear the same synthesizer presets that come with FL Studio, it just makes my blood boil. It's fine when your starting out but not so much when your getting millions of dollars to tinker with some presets.

Sorry, I'm ranting now. XD Here's your 9 already.

Twistedtechnology responds:

Thanks for the nine XD I myself have been using FL for maybe a little over 2 years XD And yea, if someones makin milz, they shouldnt be playing with standard presets lol. Glad you enjoyed it! I'll see what you've got goin on right now XD


Everything you added doesn't mix well with the original tune, you should of changed up the instruments instead of leaving them as MIDI instruments.

In short, crap.

BritZombie responds:

Your opinion, to be honest I don't have an expensive or high tech programme.

You gave constructive critisicism which i'm gratefull for, but you'd could've be a bit less of a cunt at the end

..Thanks for the review

I'm a software-developing and music-creating bonified badass. Check out my website to learn more. Thanks pumpkin.

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